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Legal aspects of recording voices.

This page does not constitute legal advice. Legalities vary by jurisdiction.


Do I need permission to record clients voices?

Yes. You always need consent to record someone's voice. 


Is verbal consent sufficient? 

Yes, as per Australian Government webpage - Consent to the handling of personal information.

Many Vets choose to ask for permission a second time, after they have started recording, so they have a record of the consent. 


How do I ask for clients permission?

Many Vets ask with similar to:

"Would you mind if I use this app which listens to our consultation and helps me by taking notes?"


Will client's mind?

The vast majority of clients have no issue with their voice being recorded. Typically, they are very happy to be helping their Vet!

We commonly hear our "this call will be recorded for training..." on the phone, so generally people are already accustomed to having their voice recorded.


Is the recording stored securely?

Data is stored in highly secure Google Cloud Databases. The databases are certified by the Australian Government as passing rigorous security standards. For more info see Security & Privacy