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Vets - write notes with your voice.

Save your most valuable resource.


Good for Vets

  • Improved patient diagnoses & outcomes.
  • More accurate & detailed notes.
  • Save time.
  • Record notes anywhere, anytime. No need for phone reception or internet.
  • Go home on time.

Good for Business

  • Happier Vets.
  • Reduce Staff Burnout.
  • Less Missed Charges.
  • Lower Overtime.

How it works.

1.  Open the app.
2. Verbally dictate your notes.
3. VetNotes converts your audio into clinical notes.

Voila, your notes are written. Ready for when you get back to base.

Special features
made for Vets

  • Add your own note templates.
  • Generate client instructions (in simple language) automatically.
  • Scan Vaccine numbers & expiry dates with your camera. 
  • Integration with your PMS (coming soon).


VetNotes allows you to write more thorough and comprehensive notes, because it allows you to effortlessly note down details when they are fresh in your mind.

VetNotes automatically drafts your clinical notes, so after a few small tweaks, your notes will be written in 1/5 the time.

Transcripts and recordings are highly secure, and stored in compliance with Australian data privacy regulations. You can permanently delete your data at any time.

It has an extremely simple user interface, and you can create an account and record your first consultation in under 2 minutes.

In the web browser on your phone or computer.

The app is synced between your phone and the web.

Get started today.

Join the future of Veterinary Notetaking.