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Automatic Clinical Notetaking for Vets

Save your most valuable resource.


Good for Vets

  • Save Time.
  • Increase Detail in Notes.
  • Reduce Mental Workload.
  • Improve Diagnoses.
  • Go Home on Time.

Good for Business

  • Happier Vets.
  • Reduce Staff Burnout.
  • Less Missed Charges.
  • Lower Overtime.

Capture live consultations.

1.  Record audio during your consultation.

Captures voices and converts it to a text transcript.


2. Summarises key facts from the transcript.

VetNotes identifies symptoms, observations, treatments, etc.


3. Copy/paste into your PMS.

Voila, your notes are written.

Record private dictations

1.  Record a quick voice note.

Describe symptoms, observations, treatments, pharmaceuticals etc. 


2. VetNotes fills your template.

You can add your own note templates.


3. Copy/paste into your PMS.

Voila, your notes are written.


Special features
made for Vets

  • Add your own note templates.
  • Generate client instructions (in simple language) in 1-click.
  • Scan Vaccine numbers & expiry dates with your camera. 
  • Integration with your PMS (coming soon).


VetNotes allows you to write more thorough and comprehensive histories, because it allows you to effortlessly note down all the details of a consultation. This facilitiates better diagnoses, tracking and care.

VetNotes automatically drafts your clinical notes, so after a few small tweaks, your notes will be written in 1/5 the time.

VetNotes currently summarises physical exam observations, billable items and reminders. For example if you say 'I can hear she has a mild heart murmur' it will add 'Mild Heart Murmur' to your history.

Transcripts and recordings are highly secure, and stored in compliance with Australian data privacy regulations. You can permanently delete your data at any time.

It has an extremely simple user interface, and you can create an account and record your first consultation in under 2 minutes.

VetNotes is an invaluable tool for veterinarians, efficiently converting oral consultations into clear and concise point form. Streamlining documentation, it enhances communication and saves time, ultimately improving patient care. A must-have for any modern veterinary practice.

Dr Elaine Cebuliak BVSc MANZCVS (oral surgery and dentistry) IVAS CVA

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